Self-managing Real Estate can sure be painful.

The combination of self-managed Real Estate and no proper management system can cause severe heart attacks.
You would think that the bank is closed, no clue where your money has gone, tenants from hell, and (tax) authorities on your back - it is the worst nightmare.
It curdles down to the fact that you have no proof of payments, no documentation of the expenses, never saved the bank receipts, no idea clear contact list, no project management tool - nothing! Zero!
While the monkey mind inside of you tells you that everything is under control. 🙈

Do you live in constant hope and pray that your tenants don’t call you again?

You struggle to juggle and remember all the different applications, notes, records, and files you have to manage.
You are afraid to call your property manager because they want to talk about the rent and bills.
While you go to sleep wondering if you can even pay your mortgage.

Let's allow this to sink in for a second.

Picture what will happen to your real estate business when you have no management system:
  • Isn't this supposed to be a "Passive income"?
  • How are you planning to live a life and spend time with your family?
  • How are you going to keep track of your bank receipts, expenses, and things getting done?
  • What will stop contractors you hire from ripping you off?
  • If you don't manage your finances, what "financial freedom" are we even talking about?

I offer a solution for self-managed real estate landlords and investors

Still here with me? Did you recognize yourself and now are looking for a change?
Just like any business - you don't leave your company in the hands of a couple of pieces of paper.
No way!
And Real Estate is no different.
The solution is to have a proper management tool for all crucial points of your real estate business: from finances, expenses, and tasks to vendors and contractors.
Any system is 100x better than no system at all.
Using a good system will continue to save you time and money day after day.

I can help you set up a great real estate management system or you are getting your money back.

What to expect from this service?

Immediately, we will install the Notion version of the property management system.
I will guide you through a setup and will teach you how individual parts of the template work.
You will get an instant overview of the most important parts of finances, maintenance, and people.
You will learn the basic principles of accounting and bookkeeping for your real estate business.
You will stop being afraid of a tax season because you simply won’t have any problems with it.
You will start to feel immediately how your business is about to change for the better.
Let’s have a closer look at what exactly are you getting out of this coaching package.

Plan of action:

  • Step 1: You purchase this package.
  • Step 2: Within 72 hours you and I schedule a 90-minute screen share session.
  • Step 3: We install the management system on your Notion workspace ($3,300 Value)
  • Step 4: We spend time going over each feature, page, database, and view.
  • Step 5: You fill out the data into the databases yourself
  • Step 6: We schedule another 60-minute pairing session and go over any questions.
  • Step 7: We review any concerns and modify the app to your needs.
  • Step 8: 14 days after purchase we schedule a final 90-minute screen share to address any questions and optimize the app even further.

What kind of system will you get?

With this package, you will receive a Team copy of iManage! - iManage! - All-in-One Property Management Tool (5-users licenses).
iManage! is the best real estate management software available today.
With iManage, you can keep track of your tenants, payments, and property information all in one place.
Plus, iManage! offers a host of powerful features that will make managing your small portfolio a breeze.
notion image

What are the best features of iManage!

1. Landlord software built with Notion
2. Property Portfolio - A complete overview of your properties
3. Maintenance - Manage projects, tasks, and TO-DO lists
4. Transactions - Income and expenses for each property
5. Contacts - Save all companies and people info
6. Leases - Breakdown of all your lease agreements
7. Bills - Control recurring bills for each property
8. Contractors - Access all your contractors’ info
9. Insurance - Keep an eye on all insurance policies
10. Taxes - Import transactions for a tax estimation
And much more...

My Ironclad Guarantee

I'm here to serve you.
My goal is that you will receive A+ service.
With purchasing the package, you are subject to a Full Money-Back Guarantee.
If you are not satisfied with my services, within 7 Days you can request your money back.
Just reach out to me with and explain your problem, and if we do not work out a solution - I will refund you in full.

About Me

My name is Ian Dikhtiar. This is my store - ExtyCreate. I am a real estate investor myself, and I enjoy helping other landlords get better practices, systems, and accounting in place.
I am a Certified Notion Consultant and I've built hundreds of Notion tools and published dozens.

Do you want my help?

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