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I help investors, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and property managers build custom systems and solutions to business processes with Notion.


Hi! I am Ian, a Notion Certified Consultant.

I have built over 40 custom Notion tools and templates that you can find in my store! I can help you build your ideal Notion setup or coach you into doing it yourself!

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What can I help you with?

Whether you are a Notion beginner or a professional - I can coach you in becoming better. If you need a new system built from scratch - I will work with you to set up any kind of system in Notion or will coach you to do it yourself.
1-on-1 Coaching
Want to learn, improve, or simply get inspired?
We can pair with you over your setup and work through any problems you are facing.
Custom Notion Build
Custom Notion Build
Need to build a Notion tool from scratch?
Our team can help you create custom Notion products and systems of various complexity.
Real Estate Management
I specialize in building tools for real estate.
I can help you set up a perfect management system to simplify your workflow.
And more…
This is not all! I offer various consulting on SaaS, eCommerce, Notion, Quality Assurance, and more.
Have a question - just ask!

Let my clients speak for themselves


Who do I work with?

As a real estate investor and a landlord - I enjoy working in the real estate niche. If you own or manage multiple properties - reach out to me! I also enjoy working with small businesses and entrepreneurs and setting up custom productivity systems.
Real Estate Investors / Property Managers
If you are a landlord, or a property manager who has multiple units to look after - you may find yourself being torn between multiple apps you have to use to manage all the properties.
You want to sign up for a consultation if you…
  • Want more control of your business
  • Need to control all your expenses in one place
  • Want to manage all the rental requests
  • Want a better system to run your operations
Many entrepreneurs find themselves using multiple apps to get their work done. This can be very overwhelming and inefficient.
You want to sign up for a consultation if you…
  • Want to improve efficiency in your business
  • Need help with setting up a system in Notion
  • Want to consolidate multiple apps into one system
  • Require help with automating your business
Small Businesses
If you manage a small business, you might find it difficult to keep track of all the information related to your employees, customers, and vendors.
I can help you organize and centralize all this information in one place!
You want to sign up for a consultation if you…
  • Want to keep track of all your employee information
  • Need a CRM system to manage your customers
  • Want to centralize vendor information
  • Need help setting up a custom system
Marketing Specialists / Agencies
If you are working in the marketing field, you know that there is A LOT of data and creatives you have to keep track of.
I can help you organize your campaigns, track your progress, and measure your results!
You want to sign up for a consultation if you…
  • Are working on multiple campaigns
  • Want to create a system to optimize the creation process
  • Require a custom solution for your agency
  • Want to track your progress and results

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